Inventor Review

Autodesk Inventor is a software package that offers professional-grade product simulation, documentation, and 3D mechanical design tools. Its main features include parametric modelling, assembly modelling, drawing creation, BIM interoperability, automated frame design, and shape generator, among many others.

System Requirements

The software is processor-intensive, meaning it has relatively high system requirements. However, it is compatible with 64-bit Windows 11 and Windows 10 operating systems. Smooth operation requires a CPU of 3.0 GHz or more, with four or more cores. Designing models with less than 500 parts can be done on a computer with 16 GB of RAM, but 32 GB is recommended. The installation package takes up disk space of 40GB. The minimum display resolution of the computer must be 1280×1024.


Inventor allows designers to create perfect 3D mechanical models with ease. It has also been around for a long time, with regular updates being released frequently to improve or add features. That is enough to give designers the confidence to trust the software when designing.


The main con is that the 3D modelling software takes a relatively long time to master because it has many complex features and hundreds of commands. The other con is that the software is quite expensive compared to other alternatives.