AutoCAD Review

AutoCAD is arguably one of the most effective and efficient designs and drafting platforms, used mostly by engineers, architects, field technicians, construction professionals, and contractors, among other experts. The platform supports CAD’s 3D modelling and virtualisation technology and 2D drafting, annotation, and drawing tools. The software is owned by NASDAQ: ADSK.

The software has subscription-based terms where businesses pay for the package and duration that suits them the most. However, a free trial is available for the first month of use, though it limits access to some pro design features.

AutoCad’s Pros

AutoCAD has a vast user base, including designers from across the world. This application is considered the industry standard and a must-have in the engineering and construction industries. The vast user makes it easy for users to find helpful content and support related to the software. Another obvious pro is that the AutoCAD offers powerful rendering of even the most complex 3D drawings and designs.


The main AutoCad con is that the software is relatively complex. It takes time to master all the software elements, such as commands and layouts, and how to use them effectively. Another obvious con is that it has a high start-up cost compared to other competing software.